• Pavé moon

    Pavé moon

    Continuing our new pavé collection: we had to put together this moon end, featuring 5 gemstones and a smooth milgrain border. Inspired by the curved cluster shapes we all know and love, but with a fun twist. This piece measures 5mm in length, 2...

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  • Mandala


    Happy little mandala end! Measuring at 5.5mm at its widest and a height of 1.5mm.

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  • Leif


    A dainty little Leif, a homage to 2020's favorite piercer pastime on our favorite handheld system. Measuring 4 x 3.15mm.

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  • Pavé lightning bolt

    Pavé lightning bolt

    Our pavé is absolutely shocking, this end features three 1mm stones across the center and four .9mm stones on it's border, measuring at a dainty 9 by 3.75mm.

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  • Pavé triangle

    Pavé triangle

    Our pavé triangle! Features three itty bitty 1mm stones. 3.4mm at its widest x 1.3mm in height.

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  • Pavé heart

    Pavé heart

    Three 1.5mm stones making us feel the love. Roughly 5mm in diameter x 1.3mm in height.

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  • Pavé star

    Pavé star

    Our pavé star will have you over the moon. A beautiful array of stone laid out perfectly. stones: 2mm center with five 1mm surrounding stones. Measuring at 5 by 1.65mm

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  • Pavé hexagon

    Pavé hexagon

    Our classic and favorite hexagon end reimagined. Seven 1mm stones. Measuring at a perfect 4mm around x 1.5mm in height.

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  • Pavé disc

    Pavé disc

    Our 8 stone pavé disc with a .9mm stone in the center surrounded by seven .8mm stones and a milgrain border. Dimensions: 3.5mm diameter with a height of 1.5mm.

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  • Marquise fan 2x4mm

    Marquise fan 2x4mm

    Here ya have it, another marquise fan! This time available in the following genuine stones: london blue topaz, swiss blue topaz, amethyst, rhodolite garnet, and smokey quartz. Each individual stone sits at 2x4mm! 

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  • Luna


    You've loved our moons, well get ready for the Luna! 10 pave set stones. Available in all gold tones and CZ. Email us for custom stone inquiries! Overall measurements are as follows: 4.2mm in width at its widest point, 1.4mm in height and 6mm in length...

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  • Sol


    Our Sol end! 8 baguettes, 1 milgrain bezel shining in the center! Available in all gold tones and Cz. Email us for custom stone options! Overall measurements- length and width of 8.6mm and height of 1.9mm. Threadless as always!

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  • Heartstring


    Introducing our Heartstring end! Five marquise stones, 5 prongs, and 1 milgrain bezel in the center! Total measurements being Length of 8.5mm, width 8.9mm and a height of roughly 2mm. Threadless as always, available in all tones of gold and only CZ...

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  • Milgrain strip

    Milgrain strip

    Our redesigned milgrain strip end is live! Your choice of three 1.5mm CZs or Diamonds. Final measurements are the following: approx 6mm in length, 2mm in width and 1.35mm in height! Diamond grade is as follows: VS1. Threadless as always!

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  • Marquise fan 1.5x3mm

    Marquise fan 1.5x3mm

    The long awaited threadless marquise fan end! The stones in this piece are 1.5mm by 3mm per stone. The overall size of this piece is 5.6mm in length, 4mm in width, and 1.75mm in height. Choose from dreamy genuine white opals or white cz. 

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