• Novel 5 hinge ring

    Novel 5 hinge ring

    You can call this ring the Novel 5 or your bread and butter; we won't tell. We created this piece specifically to fill an everyday niche- daiths and septum piercings are going to love this guy. Introducing the Novel 5 hinge ring, a classic clicker ring...

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  • Pauger decorative seam ring

    Pauger decorative seam ring

    The Pauger, named after the architect Adrien de Pauger who designed a lot of New Orleans. Arguably our most loved decorative seam ring design! Available in 16g only and 8mm or 10mm diameters. All gold colors as usual!

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  • Plain hinge ring

    Plain hinge ring

    Plain hinged ring. Handmade in New Orleans with love and care. More sizes coming soon

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  • Royal decorative seam ring

    Royal decorative seam ring

    The Royal, named after one of the first established streets in New Orleans that offers an array of live music and original art. Available in 16g only and 8mm or 10mm in diameter. All gold colors available as well!

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  • Seam ring

    Seam ring

    They're baccccckkkkk! Seam rings! available in 6mm-12mm in assorted 20g-16g. All gold tones and cup and divot for the most comfortable fit!

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  • Vinci hinge ring

    Vinci hinge ring

    Introducing the Vinci hinge ring, featuring .75mm chain links on a secure clicker style ring; specifically dreamed up to embody our company slogan.

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