• Pavé lightning bolt

    Pavé lightning bolt

    Our pavé is absolutely shocking, this end features three 1mm stones across the center and four .9mm stones on it's border, measuring at a dainty 9 by 3.75mm.

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  • Pavé moon

    Pavé moon

    Continuing our new pavé collection: we had to put together this moon end, featuring 5 gemstones and a smooth milgrain border. Inspired by the curved cluster shapes we all know and love, but with a fun twist. This piece measures 5mm in length, 2...

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  • Pavé star

    Pavé star

    Our pavé star will have you over the moon. A beautiful array of stone laid out perfectly. stones: 2mm center with five 1mm surrounding stones. Measuring at 5 by 1.65mm

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  • Pavé triangle

    Pavé triangle

    Our pavé triangle! Features three itty bitty 1mm stones. 3.4mm at its widest x 1.3mm in height.

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  • Plain hinge ring

    Plain hinge ring

    Plain hinged ring. Handmade in New Orleans with love and care. More sizes coming soon

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  • 14k Yellow gold

    Quad-bead cluster

    Quad bead cluster. A staple of any curated ear! Threadless and available in all gold tones

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  • Royal decorative seam ring

    Royal decorative seam ring

    The Royal, named after one of the first established streets in New Orleans that offers an array of live music and original art. Available in 16g only and 8mm or 10mm in diameter. All gold colors available as well!

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  • Seam ring

    Seam ring

    They're baccccckkkkk! Seam rings! available in 6mm-12mm in assorted 20g-16g. All gold tones and cup and divot for the most comfortable fit!

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  • Snake


    Our brand new, re-designed snake end! The longest point of this piece is roughly 9mm and the widest point is roughly 6mm, the height is roughly 1.6mm at its highest point where the head meets its body. Steel pins to guarantee a lifetime of wear.

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  • Sol


    Our Sol end! 8 baguettes, 1 milgrain bezel shining in the center! Available in all gold tones and Cz. Email us for custom stone options! Overall measurements- length and width of 8.6mm and height of 1.9mm. Threadless as always!

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  • Triangle


    3mm flat triangle end, threadless and available in all gold tones!

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  • Vinci hinge ring

    Vinci hinge ring

    Introducing the Vinci hinge ring, featuring .75mm chain links on a secure clicker style ring; specifically dreamed up to embody our company slogan.

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